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KUDOS TO........
....STATE TRACK 2017
 ZAYREN BUBB - Triple Jump - STATE CHAMPION (NEW SCHOOL RECORD), Long Jump – 2ND IN STATE -4x400m Relay – 3RD IN STATE (NEW SCHOOL RECORD), 200m – 9th place
RYAN ISSAKIDES​ - 800m  - 2ND IN STATE (NEW SCHOOL RECORD), 1600m – 6TH IN STATE,  3200m – 3RD IN STATE (NEW SCHOOL RECORD), Ryan was also given an award for his SPORTSMANSHIP 
TRISTAN CARMAN​ - 800m - 7TH IN STATE,  3200m – 13th place
PARKER JENKINS - 4x400m Relay – 3RD IN STATE (NEW SCHOOL RECORD), 100m  - 9th place
STEVEN ISSAKIDES​ - High Jump - 10th place
JUSTIN KRABBENHOFT​ - High Jump - 11th place
KATIE DEWEY - 4x200 Relay – 8TH IN STATE, 100 Hurdles – 15th place
BREE DAWSON - 4x200 Relay – 8TH IN STATE, 300 Hurdles - 13th place
ALVA ENQUIST​ - 4x200 Relay – 8TH IN STATE 
SORAYA FRAMKE​ - Discus – 7TH IN STATE, Shot put - 10th place 
EMMA AVEY (alternate) - 4x200 Relay – 8TH IN STATE
....Auburn, Colton, and Ellen
Three of our juniors were honored at the Mason's Junior Achievement Banquet in Newport. Congratulations to these outstanding juniors!
Dakota took 
1st place in a regional art competition put on by Central Washington University.  She won a $2000.00 scholarship.  She will automatically be entered into the state competition.  Good Luck Dakota!
February 17 & 18 @ Tacoma
Ryan Issakides - 120 - 2nd in State
Wyatt Stoddard - 195 - 3rd in State
Hunter Carman - 160 - 4th in State
Zayren Bubb - 132
Tristan Chantry - 138
Jared Taft - 182
Alternate Chase Miller
Selkirk was #8 in State as a Team in the 1B/2B Class
Coach Rood was chosen as Coach of the Year

Destiny,a sophomore, was the school winner of the Poetry Out Loud Competition. She represented Selkirk in the regional competition in Spokane in February.  The National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with U.S. state arts agencies to support Poetry Out Loud, a contest that encourages the nation’s youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage. This is the second year that Destiny has represented Selkirk at the regional competition.  Congrats Destiny!
...Mrs. McGeorge
Beginning in 1999, the Selkirk School District Board of Directors has recognized one staff member each year as “Educator of the Year”.  The board makes the selection based on nominations received from students, parents, community members, and other staff.  A perpetual plaque housed in the Selkirk High School trophy case contains a list of all past award winners. 
The educator selected must have a reputation for professionalism and have the respect of both staff and students. The award winners are individuals that go out of their way to help others and consistently look for new ways to positively influence the lives of students. 
On June 8, 2016 at an assembly with students in grades 6-12, the Superintendent Nancy Lotze announced that this year’s Educator of the Year was Cathy McGeorge, the district’s sole special education teacher.  During the presentation, Mrs. McGeorge was compared to a variety of superheroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Elastic Girl.  
Superintendent Lotze described this year’s Educator of the Year as someone who appears to be disguised as a mild, manner teacher complete with glasses, but in actuality is a hardworking superhero who works at an amazing speed, leaps tall stacks of paperwork in a single bound, and stretches herself to work with students from preschool to twelfth grade.  
According to Principal Greg Goodnight, Mrs. McGeorge forms positive relationships with all students, but especially those who struggle with academics or social situations.  A common theme in nominations from students included the word “help”.  Helping a student provides hope and fostering hope is one of the most powerful positive impacts a teacher can make.  Mrs. McGeorge’s teaching peers noted in nomination forms that “she encourages by letting students know she sees special traits such as leadership, athletic ability, kindness, and perseverance” and that Mrs. McGeorge is the first to volunteer to take on new challenges and projects. 
In addition to teaching and coordinating special education programs, Mrs. McGeorge is also responsible for the Learning Assistance Program in grades 5-8 and the senior class advisor this year, helping the class conduct fundraisers and plan their senior trip which she also chaperoned.  Additionally, she is the school district’s assistant high school volleyball coach and the assistant high school track coach. 
LAUREN McGEORGE: 300 hurdles-4th PLACE 
BRADY FILLER: Shot Put-3rd PLACE, 4X100 relay-4th PLACE
ZAYREN BUBB: Long Jump-5th PLACE, 4X100 relay-4th ​PLACE, 4X400 relay-4th PLACE​
STEPHEN AVEY: 4x100 relay-4th PLACE, 4x400-4th PLACE
PARKER JENKINS: 4X100 relay-4th PLACE, 4x400 relay-4th PLACE
NOAH BAILEY: 110 hurdles-5th PLACE, 300 hurdles-7th PLACE
Congratulations to ALL our athletes who competed at State!
The team took 6th place at State. 
RYAN ISSAKIDES - 1st in State - 106
JUSTIN CHANTRY - 2nd in State - 120
TRISTAN CHANTRY - 6th in State - 138
HUNTER CARMAN - 4th in State - 152
....Mrs. Johnson
During a student assembly on Wednesday, June 10, Selkirk Superintendent Nancy Lotze announced that the Selkirk Board of Directors selected middle school and high school science teacher, Kathy Johnson, as the 2015 Educator of the Year.  Johnson just finished her seventh year of teaching at Selkirk.
Since 1999, each year the school board solicits nominations for the award from parents, students, and community members.  A perpetual plaque housed in the high school trophy case contains a list of all past winners.
Principal Larry Reed, who retired from the role this year, stated that, “Kathy Johnson is a dedicated and skilled member of the Selkirk faculty.  She is frequently the first teacher to arrive at school each morning and comes in virtually every weekend.  She brings enthusiasm, energy, and humor to her classroom on a daily basis.”  This past school year, Johnson passed her National Board Certification for science on the first attempt.  In addition to a comprehensive test, this rigorous and demanding process also requires applicants to submit work samples, videos, and other evidence to demonstrate competency and quality teaching, which are scored against national standards.
In addition to teaching science in grades 6-9, Johnson also coaches both fall and winter cheerleading as well as middle school girls’ softball in the spring.   This year, the cheerleaders, under Johnson's guidance, traveled to Portland, Oregon to perform during the NBA Trailblazers game, conducted fundraising to support cancer patients, and won the state academic championship in March for Selkirk’s classification. 
Reed also stated that, in addition, Johnson volunteers to assist in other aspects of school life including running the electronic reader board at the high school, making signs for graduation, playing music for assemblies, and teaming with other teachers to do whatever is necessary to make the classroom or the school atmosphere a positive experience for students.
Johnson received nominations from a number of staff and students.  According to Lotze, staff members valued Johnson’s investment in the success of not only the science program, but also her ability to reach students through a variety of teaching strategies. Over the past seven years, Lotze noted, that middle school students often describe Johnson as their favorite teacher.
At the presentation, Lotze encouraged students to guess this year’s recipient by giving a list of clues. She stated that this year’s nominee works very hard to create an interesting and engaging classroom so that students will learn to be curious about the world around them.  Lotze shared students nominated this year’s recipient because the teacher creates a classroom culture where students feel like they always get the help they need.  The description went on to include that while students spend all day in school and then often follow with sports, finishing off their night with homework, this teacher is right there with them, arriving early, staying late to coach, and then staying even later to plan and prepare.  
Prior to presenting the plaque and announcing Johnson’s name, Lotze asked students in grades 6-12 to raise their hands if they were in middle school or attended middle school at Selkirk.  She noted that each of them had the opportunity to experience “this gifted and talented educator with a quirky sense of humor and a caring heart”.  When Johnson’s name was finally announced, students and staff responded with a loud cheer and a spontaneous standing ovation.
JUSTIN CHANTRY - 1st in State wrestling at 113 lbs.
CODY HOFFMAN - 2nd in State wrestling at 195 lbs.
RYAN ISSAKIDES - 5th in State wrestling at 105 lbs.

During an elementary student assembly on Thursday, June 12 Selkirk Superintendent Nancy Lotze announced the Selkirk Board of Directors selected school psychologist, Jane Reed, as the 2014 Educator of the Year.  Since the 1999-2000 school year, the Selkirk board has annually solicited nominations for the award from parents, students, and community members.   A perpetual plaque housed in the high school trophy case contains a list of all past award winners. At the presentation, Lotze encouraged the elementary students to guess this year’s recipient by giving a list of clues compiled from nominations: 

*A student who nominated this person says, “I think that she should be nominated because she is 1) nice, 2) she helps work out hard physical problems between two or more people, and 3) obviously she does not get mad at anyone. 
*Another student who nominated this person says, “She helps me and my friends get along and helps me work on problems.   She is somebody that helps my life.  She is helpful, awesome, very generous and very, very, wonderful!
*A parent who nominated this person says, “She is devoted to children and she also has great communication with parents.  The emotional influence she has will go on with our family forever.A staff member who nominated this person says, “She is always available for kids and the people she works with.   She has an “open-door” and greets whoever enters with a smile and welcome.

She helps you make new friends, teaches you how to ignore distractions so you can finish your work, explains strategies to use when you are angry and frustrated, and she helps you think about what you are feeling and how to make better choices.

Prior to presenting the plaque Lotze stated that Reed “is a gifted and talented educator with a caring attitude and a kind heart.

When Reed’s name was finally announced, the students responded with a cheer!

Reed began working in the Selkirk School District in 1984 as a Speech Therapist, although for the first three years she was an ESD 101 employee.  She continued working as a speech therapist but expanded her repertoire to include Communication Lab and Second Step programs delivered in a classroom setting and designed to help students make better choices.  In 2006, Reed completed her school psychologist certification and added that to her list of roles in the school district. 

“Jane is not a typical school psychologist whose interactions with students might be limited only to assessments or special education issues,” Lotze said.  “Jane spends a large portion of her school day working directly with students one-to-one or in small groups to help them learn how to better choices or deal with issues, both school and home-related.  Jane teaches students that they have the ability to change their behavior, manage stress, make better choices…she empowers them and the students are stronger and more confident because of that experience. 

Lotze stated that, “Jane is always willing to take on an additional assignment, role, or responsibility and never complains.  She goes the extra mile...times two because she works in both buildings in the district.”  For the past eight years, Reed was also a class advisor at the secondary level, most recently finishing with the graduating class of 2014.  Throughout the past six years, along with John Kinney (the 2013 Selkirk Educator of the Year), she helped that group of students raise funds for a senior trip, coordinate Selkirk’s first-time participation in the Bi-County Prom held at Fairchild Airforce Base, and grow as young adults.”

Reed is described by those who work with her as a person who forms very positive and supportive relationships with students with the goal of helping them get through whatever challenges they face.  The nominations also cite Reed’s exceptional reliability, attention to detail and expertise.  Lotze says that, “Jane makes a difference in the lives of so many children and we are fortunate that she chooses to work at Selkirk.”

For the grant to buy iPads for Selkirk Students!!!

During an assembly on November 8, 2013, Principal Larry Reed and cheerleading coach, Kathy Johnson, coordinated the Selkirk Middle/High School students in an iPad-illuminated “thank you” to Dave Riggleman and Teck!  Superintendent Nancy Lotze also presented Mr. Riggleman with a commemorative plaque.  Through Teck’s Community Investment program, Dave Riggleman was able to access funds to purchase 85 iPad Mini units for students in grades 9-12.  The existing full-size iPads, from our AP English grant last year, were then reallocated to 8th grade students creating a 1:1 learning environment for all students in grades 8-12!

Teck’s Community Investment program, under the education component, funds programs and initiatives designed to enhance access to educational resources and training opportunities, including early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling, …with particular emphasis on programs of relevance to the mining, metals and energy industries. 

The integration of technology will increase student engagement and application of skills important to all future student careers including communication, reading, math, science, and vocational areas!  This program has the potential to change the way education looks at Selkirk and will allow the district to utilize digital learning resources that can be updated quickly and replaced at little or no cost.  This amazing opportunity would not be possible without the efforts of Mr. Riggleman and the gracious donation from Teck! 

In May 2012, Steven McKenzie was selected to the WIAA Hall of Fame.
"The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Hall of Fame is organized as a means of recognizing, preserving and promoting the heritage of interscholastic activities in Washington State. Many individuals have made extraordinary contributions and have had superb accomplishments in high school sports and activities. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Hall of Fame honors the contribution and accomplishments of these individuals who are worthy of statewide recognition as examples of others to emulate."
Click Here to read Stevie's WIAA biography.

  Congratulations Stevie - an honor well deserved.

Washington Achievement Awards are presented to the top 5% of elementary, middle, and high schools across the state.  Selkirk is proud to receive the following awards for 2012:
►Selkirk Middle School - Overall Excellence
►Selkrik High School - Outstanding Achievement
         Language Arts
Selkirk Elementary recently received a Title I Academic Achievement Award and was honored along with 11 other schools by Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn and Governor Jay Inslee.  The national awards, given through Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, recognize schools that are meeting federal Adequate Yearly Progress and Annual Measurable Objectives standards in reading and / or math, as well as closing the opportunity gaps between white students and traditionally underrepresented students.  “I’m proud of all these schools,” Dorn said. “The fact that what they’ve done is being recognized on a national scale speaks very well to how they’re doing and how Washington state is doing.” Gov. Inslee praised the work coming from the schools. “These schools are doing excellent work in bridging opportunity gaps and helping students succeed,” he said. “Congratulations to each of these schools and to the teachers, school staff, parents and community members who have been such an important part of their efforts.”  Click here to view the application process.

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